It's overwhelming and often frustrating, without a doubt, for all parties involved. The common response I come across when I ask an inquiry what their budget is, is "I don't know." or "We haven't thought about it yet". But let me put it in a different perspective, when you shop for a home, you most likely understand the proximity of possibility of your financial situation and you manage your expectations accordingly. 

Sticker shock Effect

expectations vs reality

"I wasn't expecting it to be THAT!" this is a common reaction. Which often leads to the inquiry going silent, aka ghosting the vendor. Don't close the door to the chance for dialogue. Wedding photographers can and will most likely listen and try to work within your budget. The key is understanding what that budget is. Will they shoot the wedding for an entire day for a limit of $2000? unlikely. But, there is always room for compromise somewhere, and you just would never know unless you're fully up front.

Written by Angelina Obritsch
June 30, 2023

What should you expect?

It depends who you are asking. The average rate for a seasoned photographer on the East Coast is in the range of $400-$600 + TAX per hour, that means an eight hour coverage could run you anywhere between $3200- $4800 + TAX. 


If you're a photographer, there are ways you can minimize sticker shock. Set up a discovery call, find out what they want, exactly what they want. Give them options and a very clear payment plan that will help break down the cost into very manageable payments. Thorough planning although may not prevent the sticker shock effect, it will help the client overcome it. And if after you have followed all of these steps, and still do not land the job, the environment we are currently in, is a very tough one. Don't lose hope, don't take it personally. It's the nature of running business, the one thing we have control over is how we feel about it. Remove emotion out of the equation and you will be better for it.

Dream photos

Set the budget aside for a moment. Look at the worth over cost. When I wanted my white drawer kitchen and butcher block counters, I didn't question the cost of supplies and labour. And I know I won't live in this house all of my life, but I spent the money anyway. Your photos are forever. The worth outweighs the cost.

What is Sticker Shock? It is an unpleasant surprise on learning of unexpectedly high price for an item.

Julie Cameron

Bridal On The Bay