I’m a wife, mom and nana to three. We bought our dream/forever home almost four years ago and that has become my new baby. Slowly renovating and DIY-ing has been a big part of my life lately. If I dont have a camera in hand you will likely see me with a paintbrush. I spend a lot of time with my grandbabies and try to be very present and active in their lives. I also do crossfit which is a big part of my life and it's my saving grace many days, so ya not much time to be bored.

My photography journey began about 14 years ago. It was never something I intentionally set out to do. My oldest daughter wanted a “good camera” for Christmas one year and I began taking photos of my kids, The next thing I knew everything was a photoshoot. I couldn’t get enough and ate up anything I could learn about photography. This was also when Facebook was fairly new I began sharing photos and that developed into taking photos for family and friends and the rest as they say is history.

My name is michelle leudy. I am the owner and photographer behind michelle leudy photography!

Interview with Michelle

What fellow creatives do you admire and who inspires you?

Ahh this is a hard one. There are really so many amazing photographers out there, so many different styles and I love them all. My daughters of course Brittany and Lakyn, they both shoot and both started out shooting with me at weddings. My oldest daughter and I were together for a few years ( Hindhart Photography) . She's no longer doing it. She's a gal of many talents and is off pursuing more (but will always be a talented photographer), my youngest does videography and photography too and is also crazy talented. My friend Sherri Poirier, she's been killing the wedding industry and we've both been on this journey together long before the instagram world so seeing someone who's been by your side for so long and doing amazing things is alway inspiring to me! Candace Berry's work it's always flawless, Terry Lynn Warren, Rebecca Frank's work always leaves me in awe! Also, anyone who shoots film inspires me, I'd love to learn film and may also be time for something new, even if only for myself. 

EMAIL: info@michelleleudy.com

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How do you deal with burnout and creative blocks?

This one kinda makes me chuckle because my first thought when I read this question was " I don't " and you would think after all of these years I'd have figured this out. Although I have started taking a two week vacation smack dab in the middle of the busy season. My birthday and anniversary are in August and I made the hard but best decision to no longer work during that time and enjoy a bit of summer. Summers are really so short and it's important to me to be present for some of it. I really think this made a huge difference and I would even say last year was one of my fave wedding seasons ever. It is now my new non negotiable.  
As far as creative blocks I think that is something any creative struggles with and I think just time away is always good. Stepping away to travel (I'm so overdue for a get away) or just exploring nature or anything that will let our minds escape helps. We can't be on all the time and that one is sometimes hard for me, but learning to let go of it all and just be me is something I am really embracing and working on. 

What is the one thing you would change about the industry?

Well I think I would have to say a longer wedding season. Our seasons here are just so short and everything is condensed into a few short months (hence the burnout) 

"I think as hard as it is to not compare ourselves to what everyone else is doing, stay true to who you are. There is only one you and no one else can do you better than you." -Michelle

If you could share one bit of wisdom to anyone starting out in this business, what would you tell them?

I think as hard as it is to not compare ourselves to what everyone else is doing, stay true to who you are. There is only one you and no one else can do you better than you. It sounds cliche but when I truly shoot from the heart and shoot for me, that is when we will all shine the most. 

What Place inspires you the most?

I can’t really say one place in particular I find inspiration in so many places and people. Our island is full of so many incredible spots which really never cease to amaze me and so many places I haven’t even shot in. Cape Breton def has my heart. Anything in nature inspires me.  
Even when I do newborn sessions I try to always make it a point to forage around my yard and use whatever may be in bloom in that season to incorporate into my sessions. 

Instagram: @michelleleudy

Website: WWW.michelleleudy.com

Stunning maternity session

June 30, 2023

Where do you create majority of your work?

I live on Cape Breton Island so most of my Work is here on the island but I do love to travel and welcome work from anywhere. I mainly shoot newborns, children, family, couples and weddings.  

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